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The idea of Melina Jewellery is actually about 5000 years old… Crafts in gold and silver have been around as long as we have known about these materials. During a visit to the Greek National Museum's exhibition in Athens airport, you will see beautifully crafted glass beads on a string or a silver cord from approximately 3000 years B.C. Such an incredibly beautiful and simple proof of the values we all carry with us have their roots in the ancient world. It is also a great example of clever Hellenistic art. Just as one can draw a direct line between contemporary art, theaters, mathematics, philosophy and art of medicine to antiquity, one can also draw a direct line between Melina Jewellery and ancient crafts. Melina World was a thought for 10-15 years before the company became a reality. The idea of restoring ancient works of art, ideas and symbols in a way so that we modern people can wear them on the arm or the neck as an everyday jewellery, is an idea that Melina has worked with for many years. Who is Melina then? Being both a Danish and a Greek citizen I have the Northern European and the Southern European mentality and lifestyle under my skin, but since childhood I have traveled throughout the world, which is also my great passion & joy in life. For shorter or longer periods, I have been privileged to live in and explore all parts of the world. I am a girl who grew up with many different cultures and languages since childhood. Filled with such a rich cultural background, I feel joy in communicating my thoughts through my jewellery and designs. It is primarily my philosophical education, which has given me the serenity to find myself and to stabilize and gather my knowledge. Besides giving me insight to philosophical thinking, I use philosophy to understand people's differences and needs and through our unique jewellery, but also Melina World as a company, show what brings the past into the present and further into the future. I was previously flying for some major airlines and have in this respect been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit, enjoy and experience many different cultures and also visit the historical sites. It has led me to question: Who we are and where we come from.? Questions about our identity, ideology and self-recognition. Questions about life and especially love. The answers have always been to find in my roots, in our roots. The old truth about “not knowing where to go if you do not know where you come from”, is even more true now than ever before. I am a huge supporter of independency and individuality. In my designs and jewellery every man gets his own opportunity to create his independent and individual story. We are all different individuals, thankfully, that is the beauty of humanity. Together with my colleague Lykourgos we have created and developed a company containing both originality in designs, craftsmanship and materials. No company with the same concept can match our ideology and history. Melina Jewellery is worldwide and we are happy to have customers from all over the world. All our designs are trademark registered and they all carry the logo Melina and either 925 sterling silver, 585 14k gold, 750 18k gold and our registered jewelers stamp Ω47. Along with my co-designers we have a team that offers the depth, expertise and creativity both in our quality of jewellery as well as our design of jewellery and marketing. We strive to comply with the wishes of our customers and each day we work harder to become even better. I am very proud to introduce my company MelinaWorld and share my expertise with the World. Be inspired on our webpage Please enjoy. Thank you, Melina...

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